Russia: market share of drugs grows

The market share of Russian drugs rose from 24% to 28.5% in eighteen months, Russian Minister of Industry Denis Manturov said.

“The share of Russian drugs (on the pharmaceutical market) rose from 24% to 28.5% in eighteen months, while import fell by 8.5%”, the minister said. (TASS/Business World Magazine)

Russia: wheat exports-imports in January-May 2016

In January-May, Russia exported 8.33 million tons of wheat and meslin valued at $1.456 billion, declared the Federal Customs Service of Russia on July 8. According to the announcement, the major volumes of wheat were traditionally shipped to far abroad foreign countries – 8 million tons (at $1.4 billion). In the reporting period, wheat import…

Ukraine: agreements to complete two reactors of Khmelnitsky NPP reached

Ukraine’s program to stop importing gas envisages the increase in electricity generation, thanks to completion of two reactors of Khmelnitsky nuclear power plant (NPP) and construction of hydroelectric power plants (HPP), Ukrainian Energy and Coal Industry Minister Ihor Nasalyk said. “Agreements to complete two reactors of Khmelnitsky NPP have been reached. In addition, last week…

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China: Victrex 10 years at AITC

June marked 10 years since Victrex opened its Asia Innovation and Technology Centre (AITC) in Shanghai, a move that has brought the company and its customers together in close collaboration on product development. The successful approach of the AITC includes cooperative fast prototyping as well as design and process optimisation. Centred on PAEK-based solutions such…

Kyrgyzstan: issue of electricity supply from Tajikistan in summer rising again

Kyrgyzstan is again considering the issue of electricity supply from Tajikistan in summer, the department of information support of the government reported. The deputy prime minister Oleg Pankratov held a meeting on preparations for the autumn-winter of 2016/2017 and discussed the accumulation of water in the Toktogul reservoir. He instructed the National Energy holding of…

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