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Ukraine: trade turnover with Italy up in 2018

In 2018, the commodity turnover between Italy and Ukraine totaled 4.47 billion, up by 14% YoY, declared the Minister of Economic Development and Trade of Ukraine, Stepan Kubiv. More than 14 thousand Ukrainian companies export their products to the European Union. Also, the trend created additional tools for the diversified cooperation, for example, through the…


Kyrgyzstan: Germany interested in Manas International Airport

Prime Minister of Kyrgyzstan Mukhammedkaly Abylgaziev met with the delegation of the Munich International Airport, headed by Managing Director Ralf Gaffal, the Information Support Department of the Government’s Office reported. Mukhammedkaly Abylgaziev outlined that the Cabinet of Ministers, together with international financial institutions, was actively working to launch a public-private partnership project for the development…


Kazakhstan: GDP up in January-May 2019

The country’s GDP growth reached 4% in January-May, Kazakh Prime Minister Askar Mamin said at a government meeting. He instructed to take measures to increase the pace of economic development. The main drivers of the economy were construction – an increase of 8.8%, trade – 7.5%, transport – 5.3%, processing industry, including mechanical engineering –…


Ukraine: sugar exports up in May 2019

In May Ukrainian producers exported more than 40,000 tons of sugar, up by 30% YoY. Azerbaijan remained the main importer of Ukrainian sugar in May (29% of all deliveries). Significant volumes were shipped to Turkey and Tajikistan – 17% and 16% respectively. At the same time, 378,200 tons of sugar were exported in September through…


Lithuania: German company Saferoad Baltic set up

A German-capital road infrastructure company, Saferoad Baltic, has been established in Lithuania. Saferoad Baltic is led by Marcin Baginski, according to the Lithuanian Center of Registers. Its authorized capital amounts to 500,000 euros. Saferoad Baltic’s sole shareholder is the company’s Polish branch Saferoad RRS Polska. According to Saferoad’s website, the company provides safe transport infrastructure…