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Kazakhstan: central bank buys $139.7 million in August-September 2017

In August-September the National Bank of the Republic of Kazakhstan purchased $139.7 million on the market over the foreign exchange interventions, the financial regulator’s press service reported. “In August and September, the interventions amounted to $70 million and $69.7 million respectively,” Director of the Monetary Operations Department of the National Bank of Kazakhstan Aliya Moldabekova…


Belarus to harvest less corn

According to the current information of the Ag Ministry, corn was harvested from 24.8 thousand ha as of October 12 (19.1% of the plan). Its crop amounted to 190.1 KMT with an average yield of 7.68 MT/ha. The harvest lags far behind last year. At the same time in 2016, corn was harvested from 44.5…


Ukraine: Groysman calls for strengthening economic cooperation with Malta

Ukrainian Prime Minister Volodymyr Groysman believes that Ukraine and the Republic of Malta should strengthen economic cooperation. He said this during a meeting with President of the Republic of Malta Marie-Louise Coleiro Preca in Kyiv, the governmental portal reported. “We welcome the readiness of our chambers of commerce and industry to establish a bilateral permanent…


Azerbaijan: banking community positively assesses consolidation of banks

Azerbaijan Banks Association (ABA) positively assesses the consolidation in the country’s banking sector, ABA head Zakir Nuriyev said. “Such discussions have always been held in the banking sector, but they have intensified lately,” he said, adding that ABA supported such negotiations. Nuriyev noted the necessity to encourage such negotiations so that they were held at…