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Kazakhstan: 42 schools to be built in 2 years

President of Kazakhstan Kassym-Jomart Tokayev promised to continue constriction of new schools. “As of today there are 7,014 secondary schools in Kazakhstan. 128 of them provide three-shift schooling, and 31 are in disrepair. Construction of 35 schools more to eliminate three-shift schooling and shut down 7 dilapidated schools was included into the 2019-2020 republican budget,”…


Kazakhstan: cargo transportation up in January-July 2019

Cargo transportation in Kazakhstan in January-July made 339.306 billion t-km, up by 1.7% YoY. According to the Statistics Committee of the Ministry of National Economy, road cargo transportation jumped by 8.1%. The volume of commodity transportation made 2.295 billion tons (+3.8%). Passenger transportation in the reporting period reached 167.564 billion p-km (+4.7%). Movement of passengers…


Kyrgyzstan: bus route No. 6 in Bishkek extended to Tunguch microdistrict

Bus route No. 6 has been extended to Tunguch microdistrict, press service of the Bishkek City Administration reported.

Buses continue the route from Kok-Dzhar housing estate along Dostoevsky Street to Ankara Street and go to Tunguch microdistrict.

Prior to that the buses ran along the route Ak-Ordo – Kok-Dzhar housing estate. (24.kg/Business World Magazine)

Azerbaijan: economy to continue growing

According to analysts of the Institute of International Finance (IIF), Azerbaijan will continue economic growth, despite lower prices for raw materials and low growth rates in Russia and China, which significantly affects the regional economy, the IIF report on Caucasus and Central Asia says. According to the report, Azerbaijan is on course to expand its…