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Why Increased Solar Power Generation is a Benefit to Everyone

Many countries around the world are steadily replacing their antiquated utility systems with renewable energy sources. Unfortunately, the United States has historically lagged behind in this effort and continues to do so at least in how the federal government contributes. Too often the companies that rely on fossil fuels monopolize the discussion, spread false stories…


Ukraine: sugar output up

Ukrainian sugar refineries have completed the current sugar production season, having produced 2.14 million tons of sugar since its launch on August 30, 2017, up by 6.5% YoY. “The production season is over. Forty-six sugar refineries have produced 2.14 million tons of sugar. Noteworthy, the increase in sugar output could be even greater, but the…


Turkmenistan: president voices discontent over low progress in transportation

Turkmen President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov has severely reprimanded Magsat Aydogdiyev, Minister of Automobile Transport, for improper performance of duties and shortcomings in work, the Turkmen government said in its message. “The head of state pointed to the low level of measures for further modernization and improvement of transport sphere in the country and expressed his discontent…


Belarus: food on display in Dubai

Belarusian foods are showcased during the international expo of agricultural products, food, and beverages Gulfood 2018 in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, the press service of the Belarusian Ministry of Foreign Affairs reported. A Belarusian pavilion was arranged with assistance of the Embassy of Belarus in the UAE. It features products made by a number of…


Ukraine: gas stocks down

Natural gas stocks in Ukraine’s underground storage facilities (USFs) on February 10-17 shrank by 5.2%, or 611 million cubic meters, from 11.681 billion cubic meters on the previous week to 11.070 billion cubic meters. In particular, 91.27 million cubic meters of gas were withdrawn from the storage facilities on February 17 alone, the state-run gas…


Ukraine: 80% of fish imported

Ukraine imports 80% of the consumed fish, according to First Deputy Agrarian Policy Minister Maksym Martyniuk. He stated that Ukraine had huge potential for import substitution. “We need to develop the production of aquaculture: once the fish is produced in Ukraine and sold for the Ukrainian hryvnia, then poachers, who now receive fish for free…


Latvia: economy growing fast

The final data on the year 2017 by the European Union statistical bureau Eurostat showed that both the economy of the EU and the euro area had expanded at the quickest pace since 2007. Economist Ryan Djajasaputra of the South-African, British banking group Investec evaluated that much of the growth in 2017 had been driven…