Russia: Caspian Flotilla ships held joint exercise with combat crews of OTH radars

Crews of the Caspian Flotilla ships and radiotechnical service held joint exercise on detecting surface and aerial targets, says press center of RF Defence Ministry. Podsolnukh, over-the-horizon radar, was operated during the exercise. Podsolnukh is capable of detecting naval surface and aerial targets at different altitudes within line-of-sight distance and beyond the horizon. Dagestan and…


Belarus: Brestgazoapparat seeking general contractor to build $2.4 million logistics hub

The Belarus-Russian joint venture Brestgazoapparat plans to start building a transport and logistics hub worth Br4.784 million ($2.446 million) in October and is currently seeking a general contractor for the project. The closing date for applications is September 30. Brestgazoapparat is to launch the new logistics hub in May 2018. Brestgazoapparat is a group of…


Belarus: Belorusneft to sell engineering and advisory services to Oil India

The Belarusian industrial group Belorusneft has signed an engineering and advisory services contract with Oil India, the press service of the Belarusian company reported. Under the contract, Belorusneft will provide comprehensive technology-intensive services to rehabilitate the Digboi oil field, India’s oldest oil field. Industrial reserves of oil were discovered there back in 1889. As of…


Belarus: retail sales down in January-August 2016

Belarus’ retail turnover, including the public catering sector, went down by 2.9% YoY in January-August to 23.715 billion Belarusian rubles ($12.146 billion) in comparable prices, an official with the National Statistics Committee (Belstat) reported. Trade organizations accounted for 85.2%, and individual entrepreneurs and newly formed unitary companies accounted for the rest (14.8%). The trade turnover…


Ukraine: farmers have no money for sowing

Winter crops sowing has begun in Ukraine. Agricultural enterprises plan to seed winter crops on 8098 thousand ha, including 7374 thousand ha with grain crops. Thus, sowing plans are very similar to last year’s in almost all parameters. The question, whether farmers will realize their intention, is open. UkrAgroConsult believes that one of the important…


Ukraine: seaports grain exports down in September 2016

On September 12-18, Ukraine exported 596.1 thousand tons of grains from the seaports, against 819.7 thousand tons in the previous week.

In particular, wheat shipments reached 480.8 thousand tons, barley – 104.5 thousand tons, and corn – 10.8 thousand tons. (APK-Inform/Business World Magazine)

Ukraine: winter crops sowing delayed

Productive precipitations were absent in the major part of the country. Only in Volyn, Ivano-Frankovsk and Lvov regions their quantity varied from 17% to 64% of the 10-day norm (3-16 mm), in Transcarpathia region – 159% (35 mm). As a consequence of high temperatures and lack of rains, conditions for soil moisture accumulation were close…


Russia: high-altitude geophysical research aircraft completes European stratosphere studies

The Russian Myasishchev M-55 high-altitude geophysical research aircraft completed European stratosphere studies. As part of the StratoClim project in which scientists from 26 European research institutes are participating, the Cochin University of Science and Technology (Cusat) Stratosphere & Troposphere (S &T) Radar Center, also known as the Advanced Center for Atmospheric Radar Research (ACARR) has…