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Business World Magazine (Ukraine)

Business World Magazine (Ukraine)

Business World Magazine (Ukraine) is the informational portal.

BWM (Ukraine) informs on doing business in various countries, with special attention paid to Ukraine, Russia, Belarus, Azerbaijan and other ex-USSR countries, their business relations, investments and innovations.

The magazine reaches financial, consulting, business development, marketing, executive, sales, public/investor relations, information center/library, competitive intelligence, research and development, information systems/it, strategic planning, technology/engineering, operations/facilities management, legal, manufacturing, human resources. Our information is also available at Dow Jones FactivaLexis-Nexis и EMIS

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Ukraine: Antonov halts production due to broken ties with Russia

Ukrainian aircraft producer Antonov has suspended jet production due to halted cooperation with Russia, Andrei Khaustov, deputy director of the company’s department for advanced development, said. After relations with Russia worsened due to the conflict in Southeastern Ukraine Antonov decided to break production ties with Russian companies and switched to import substitution of components. “Now,…


Ukraine: corn yields up

As of September 7, grains and pulses had been harvested from 9885 thousand ha (69% of the intended area) compared with 10419 thousand ha on September 7, 2015. Farmers obtained 38.525 MMT with average yields at 3.9 MT/ha (on the same date in 2015 – 37.404 MMT with the average productivity of 3.59 MT/ha). Buckwheat…


Ukraine: electricity exports at $109.5 million in January-August 2016

In January-August Ukraine exported $109.49 million worth of electricity, in particular $11.122 million in August. According to the State Fiscal Service, electricity delivered to Hungary amounted to $82.897 million, $26.238 million to Poland, $347,000 to Moldova and $7,000 to other countries. In January-August Ukraine imported $2.759 million worth of power from Russia and $46,000 from…


Ukraine: airlines see 25.5% rise in passenger transportation in January-August 2016

Ukrainian airlines saw a 25.5% rise in passenger transportation in January-August YoY, to 5.284 million people, according to the State Aviation Service of Ukraine. International routes usage grew by 25.4%, to 4.771 million people. Passenger flow via Ukrainian airports rose by 16.2%, reaching 8.288 million. Passenger flow on international flights grew by 14.8%, to 7.244…


Ukraine: Ukroboronprom prepared to transfer 3 Mi-24PU-1 modernized helicopters to army

The state-run enterprise Konotop Aircraft Repair Plant Aviakon (Sumy region), part of Ukroboronprom Concern, has modernized three attack helicopters Mi-24PU-1 for the Armed Forces of Ukraine. The helicopters are ready to be handed over to the Land Forces, the concern’s press service reported. During Mi-24PU-1 development special attention was paid to attack helicopters’ security enhancing.…