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Business World Magazine (Ukraine)

Business World Magazine (Ukraine)

Business World Magazine (Ukraine) is the informational portal.

BWM (Ukraine) informs on doing business in various countries, with special attention paid to Ukraine, Russia, Belarus, Azerbaijan and other ex-USSR countries, their business relations, investments and innovations.

The magazine reaches financial, consulting, business development, marketing, executive, sales, public/investor relations, information center/library, competitive intelligence, research and development, information systems/it, strategic planning, technology/engineering, operations/facilities management, legal, manufacturing, human resources. Our information is also available at Dow Jones FactivaLexis-Nexis и EMIS

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Uzbekistan: NPLs hit banks hard

The share of non-performing loans (NPLs) in Uzbek banks’ portfolios has tripled. As of January 1, it stood at 2.1%, while as of August 1 it had grown to 6.2%, Abrorhuja Turdialiev, deputy chair of Uzbekistan’s Central Bank, reported. “This has happened following the rapid growth of the loan portfolio in the previous three years.…


Latvia: with new Covid-19 regulations approved, employers to be able to suspend employees

With new regulations to halt the spread of Covid-19 in place and the requirement for compulsory vaccination expanded for some sectors of the economy, employers are provided with the right to dictate, which employees are required to undergo Covid-19 vaccination. Additionally, new regulations provide employees and employers with multiple ways of resolving vaccination-related disputes, including…