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Business World Magazine (Ukraine)

Business World Magazine (Ukraine)

Business World Magazine (Ukraine) is the informational portal.

BWM (Ukraine) informs on doing business in various countries, with special attention paid to Ukraine, Russia, Belarus, Azerbaijan and other ex-USSR countries, their business relations, investments and innovations.

The magazine reaches financial, consulting, business development, marketing, executive, sales, public/investor relations, information center/library, competitive intelligence, research and development, information systems/it, strategic planning, technology/engineering, operations/facilities management, legal, manufacturing, human resources. Our information is also available at Dow Jones FactivaLexis-Nexis и EMIS

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Ukraine: EU publishes proposal to increase the quotas for duty-free imports of products

The European Union published a proposal to increase the quotas for duty-free supplying of Ukrainian products, including food products, products of the chemical industry, etc., the Official Journal of the European Union informed. In particular, the document proposed to provide additional quotas to Ukrainian agricultural producers for the supply of corn and flour (650 thousand…


Kazakhstan: car sales increasing

Kazakhstan’s car market is gradually recovering after the crisis of 2014 -2016, Association of Kazakhstan Auto Business reports. The demand for new cars has increased slightly and the official dealers sold 3,356 new cars in September and 32,581 cars since the beginning of 2016, according to the association. The top 20 best sellers brands in…