Georgia: Washington hosts wine events

Washington is hosting the “First vino Forum of America” on November 11-13. The three-day event includes a “Saperavi Festival” and Georgian wine tasting events. The forum will end with a scientific conference, which will be dedicated to Georgian wine culture and history. The United States is one of the growing export markets for Georgian wine.…


Lithuania: ruling party leader-related company pledges to stop buying fertilizers from a Russia-affiliated company

Agrokoncernas, a business group owned by Ramunas Karbauskis, leader of the ruling Lithuanian Farmers and Greens Union, has pledged to stop buying fertilizers from Russia company Minudobreniya as its key shareholder Arkady Rotenberg is subject to international sanctions. Agrokoncernas imports fertilizers from Minudobreniya via an intermediary in Dubai, although the company does not disclose, which…


Kazakhstan: new airline route to be launched

For the first time ever Kazakhstan’s SCAT air carrier plans to launch a new airline route to the capital of Tajikistan, Dushanbe, from Astana city, the company’s Facebook account reads.

Astana-Dushanbe-Astana flights will be performed twice a week on Fridays and Sunday by CRJ 200 craft from December 14 this year. (Kazinform/Business World Magazine)

Ukraine: Serbia allows imports of eggs

Ukraine’s State Food Safety and Consumer Protection Service and the relevant authority of the Republic of Serbia have agreed on issuing a veterinary certificate for the imports of eggs and egg products from Ukraine. “Ukraine’s State Food Safety and Consumer Protection Service and the competent authority of the Republic of Serbia have agreed veterinary certificates…


Azerbaijan: second Wine House opens in China

Azerbaijan’s second Wine House in China has opened in Shanghai, Azerbaijan’s Economy Ministry said in a message. Azerbaijan’s Wine House located in Shanghai Waigaoqiao Free Trade Zone, which is the International Trading Operation Center (ITOC) of Shanghai, will host exhibitions, wholesale and retail sales, as well as product tasting. In Azerbaijan’s Wine House, there are…


Ukraine: inflation to slow down in 2019

Inflation in Ukraine will slow down next year to a single-digit figure, for the first time since 2013, according to a Reuters survey. This will happen thanks to a tight monetary and prudent fiscal policy that meets the requirements of the International Monetary Fund, that’s according to the polled experts, Reuters wrote. According to a…


Ukraine: 150 thousand tons of organic grains and oilseeds to be exported in 2018

In January-August Ukraine exported slightly over 100 thousand tons of grains, oilseeds and peas with indication of their organic origin, declared the analyst at APK-Inform Agency, Tatyana Druz during her report within frames of the conference “Fat-and-Oil Industry – 2018” in Kyiv. In accordance with the observed shipment dynamics, in the whole calendar year the…