Ukraine: Shepetovka Repair Plant output up in 2016

UkrOboronProm SE “Shepetovka Repair Plant” increased production volume almost 4 times – compared to 2013 – due to the program “Ukrainian shield”, initiated by “UkrOboronProm” in 2015. “For the first half of 2016 the enterprise manufactured products and services for Ukrainian military valued at nearly 92 million UAH, exceeding last year’s index of 79 million…

Ukraine: corn conditions in August 2016

Lowering of air temperatures to optimal values and improved soil moisture stocks were beneficial for vegetation of all late spring crops. Better yields can be expected in later sown plants of corn due to cease of leaves withering and yellowing during the daytime. August rains were beneficial for moisture accumulation before the upcoming winter crop…

Ukraine: seaports grain exports down in August 2016

On August 8-14, Ukraine exported 660.1 thousand tons of grains from the seaports against 759.8 thousand tons in the previous week.

In particular, wheat shipments reached 413.1 thousand tons, corn – 14.9 thousand tons, and barley – 232.1 thousand tons. (APK-Inform/Business World Magazine)

Ukraine: grain production reaches 31.5 million tons in August 2016

As of August 1, the production of grains and pulses totaled 31.525 million tons in bunker weight, up by 7.4% YoY, the State Statistics Service of Ukraine declared.

In particular, Odessa, Kharkiv and Vinnytsia regions harvested the largest volumes of grains. (APK-Inform/Business World Magazine)

Russia: car output down in July 2016

Russia’s car output plunged by 19.8% YoY and by 28.3% MoM in July, the Federal State Statistics Service said in a statement.

In January-July car output fell by 18% YoY to 611,000 units and bus output went down by 0.8% to 19,100 vehicles, but truck production increased by 6.2% to 70,400 units. (Prime/Business World Magazine)

Russia: grain exports from seaports up

On August 8-14, the export volumes of grains from the Russian seaports reached 715.6 thousand tons up from 411.2 thousand tons shipped in the previous week.

In particular, the wheat shipments totaled 634.4 thousand tons, barley – 65.9 thousand tons, and peas – 15.3 thousand tons. (APK-Inform/Business World Magazine)

Russia: 33.7 million tons of grains harvested

As of August 1, the general production of spring grains and pulses in Russian agricultural organizations reached 33.7 million tons in bunker weight, up by 17.1% YoY, the Federal State Statistics Service of the Russian Federation (Rosstat) announced. According to the announcement, agrarians harvested grains throughout the areas of 8.8 million ha, or 29.3% of…

Argentina mulling nuclear power projects with Russia

Argentina is considering the possibility of implementing nuclear power projects with Russia, the country’s Foreign Minister Susana Malcorra said.

She also said that Russian investments in Argentinian projects could be implemented in the sphere of ports and logistics infrastructure. (Prime/Business World Magazine)

Russia: Aeroflot expands fleet with 4 A321 and B737-800 aircraft

Aeroflot has received four new A321s equipped with aerodynamic wing-tips known as Sharklets.

All A321 aircraft are named in honor of outstanding Russian people who contributed a lot to artistic, cultural and scientific development.

VP-BAE bears the name of Sergei Bondarchuk, a Russian film director, screenwriter and actor. (Russian Aviation/Business World Magazine)

Ukraine: EU the leader of sunflower oil imports

The EU countries reached the first position in the imports of Ukrainian sunflower oil, and even outranked India, due to rather significant import volumes in June. Since the beginning of 2015/2016 MY European countries purchased 1.23 million tons of sunflower oil, while India – 1.19 million tons. Also, in the current season the European Union…

Kazakhstan: Nazarbayev and Bozumbayev discuss expansion of production capacities of Tengiz field

Head of State Nursultan Nazarbayev held a meeting with Minister of Energy Kanat Bozumbayev. Bozumbayev informed the President of the key indicators of development of oil and gas, petrochemical and energy sectors and about the plans on the work for the nearest future. Besides, the interlocutors discussed the progress in implementation of big investment projects…