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Ukraine: European market of top priority

The market of the European Union is one of the top-priority ones for products of Ukrainian agrarians, the Head of the State Service on Food Safety and Consumers Protection Volodymyr Lapa declared. According to him, the consumer demand on the domestic market will continue growing in rather slow rates, taking into account the current economic…


Ukraine: Ukrenergo to modernize energy system in cooperation with KfW

Ukrenergo National Power Company considers involving the German development bank KfW in the modernization of Ukraine’s energy system. “Ukrenergo and KfW have been long-standing strategic partners. Partnership with German donors enables us to implement projects which are important in terms of technology and infrastructure and intended to enhance the reliability of energy system performance and…


Uzbekistan: over 8.2 million tons of grain produced in 2016

The implementation of numerous measures on agriculture development for the period 2016-2020, aimed at ensuring increased yields and productivity of agricultural products, the expansion of cultivated lands for growing fruit and vegetables, resulted in increased volumes of products (services) in agriculture, forestry and fishing at 6.6% YoY. Meanwhile, growth in crop sector, animal production and…


Tajikistan: ADB assistance to be around $107 million in 2017

The Asian Development Bank (ADB) has released its updated 2017 to 2019 country program for Tajikistan. In accordance with this program, ADB will support energy and road development, improving food security, strengthening investment climate, inclusive health, and sustainable urban infrastructure in the country, according to the message posted on the bank’s website. The indicative financial…


Uzbekistan: sale of state properties simplified

President of Uzbekistan Shavkat Mirziyoyev has signed a decree “On measures to further simplify and accelerate sale of state properties to be used for business purposes”. The provisions of the decree eliminate bureaucratic barriers to privatization of state properties and contribute to the organization of production at the privatized facilities. The document also simplifies some…


Ukraine: rice imports down in 2016

Rice imports to Ukraine continued shrinking this season. Ukraine imported 14 KMT of rice from July till November 2016/2017, down by 35% YoY. India continues to be Ukraine’s traditional rice supplier, though with noticeably reduced shipments. 5.5 KMT of Indian rice was imported to Ukraine in the period under review against 7.9 KMT in July-November…