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Ukraine: 5.3 billion cubic meters of gas imported from Europe in January-July 2018

Ukraine in January-July imported 5.3 billion cubic meters of natural gas worth $1.5 billion from European countries. Ukraine received 2.1 billion cubic meters of gas worth $590.7 million from traders registered in Switzerland, 1.8 billion cubic meters worth $513.6 million from Germany, 438 million cubic meters worth $130 million from Poland, 345.4 million cubic meters…


Lithuania: Klaipeda Seaport takes part in exhibition and conference in Kazakhstan

Klaipeda Seaport is being represented at exhibition “TransKazachstan. TransLogistic 2018” and conference “Transport and Logisctic Markets” organized in September 18-20 in Almaty, Kazakhstan. Klaipeda Seaport says it is an international event that opens new possibilities for companies to present themselves and to consolidate their position in Kazakhstan transport market, to disseminate information about their services…


Azerbaijan: Ilham Aliyev allocates funding for construction of road in Oghuz

Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev has signed an order to provide funds for the construction of Bujag-Mukhas-Bash Dashagil road in Oghuz region.

Under the presidential order, the Azerbaijan Highway State Agency is allocated 9.4 million manats for the construction of the road connecting four residential areas with a total population of 4,000 people. (AzerNews/Business World Magazine)