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Ukraine: retail trade up in January 2017

In January retail trade turnover in Ukraine increased by 3% YoY, the Ukrainian State Statistics Service reports. “In January retail trade turnover increased by 3.1% YoY, but dropped by 16.4% MoM,” the report states. The highest increase in retail trade turnover was recorded in Sumy region (9.7%), Kirovohrad region (8.6%), Vinnytsia region (7.7%), the city…


Kyrgyzstan: government to finance start-ups

The government of Kyrgyzstan is developing a roadmap for business support. Possibility of start-ups financing is considered within the program, Deputy Economy Minister Daniyar Imanaliev announced. According to him, the program provides for the creation of additional financial instruments, in order for the businessmen to receive more support. In addition, the government is going to…


Kyrgyzstan: 45 mobile slaughterhouses needed to export more meat

Kyrgyzstan shall create 45 mobile slaughterhouses in order to provide the planned large volumes of production and export of meat, Deputy Economy Minister Daniyar Imanaliev said. According to him, the government is currently developing a mechanism for concessional lending of export-oriented and import-substituting enterprises. In addition, Kyrgyzstan needs buffer infrastructure for the collection, logistics and…


Ukraine: car imports down in 2016

In 2016 Ukraine imported almost 122,954 motor vehicles, totaling more than $1.9 billion. This is reported by UkrAutoprom (Ukrainian Motor Vehicle Manufacturers Association) on its website. In contrast to the previous year, Ukraine’s car imports increased by one third in 2016, while foreign currency expenses for their purchase rose by 74%. Most imports consisted of…