Ukraine blocks entrance to some Russian tank wagons

Ukraine’s state railway transport administration Ukrainian Railways has blocked entrance and transit through the country to tank wagons of some Russian railway operators, including Sberbank Leasing and SG-Trans, according to the letter of Ukrainian Railways. Besides tank wagons of Sberbank Leasing and SG-Trans, Ukrainian Railways blocked entrance and transit of all cargoes and empty tank…

Ukraine: seaports double grain export volumes

On October 17-23, Ukraine exported nearly 1 million tons of grains from the seaports, against 506 thousand tons on the previous week.

In particular, wheat shipments reached 544 thousand tons, barley – 142.6 thousand tons, and corn – 320.1 thousand tons. (APK-Inform/Business World Magazine)

Ukraine: cornstarch exports up in 2015-2016

In 2015/2016 Ukraine exported 31.58 KMT of cornstarch, up by 35% YoY (23.45 KMT). Indonesia was the key importer, purchasing nearly 200% more Ukrainian cornstarch in 2015/2016 MY YoY. In 2015/2016 Ukrainian exporters shipped about 18 KMT to this country, or 57% of the total cornstarch exports. Share of Russia (largest importer in 2014/2015) decreased…

Ukraine: sunflower seed market in 2015/2016

The 2015/2016 marketing year was quite successful for Ukraine in markets of sunflower seed and its processed products. All-time high sunseed production at 11760 KMT was the key to such a success. Favorable agro-meteorological conditions allowed obtaining the best result on close to record planted area, owing to minimal losses and high productivity. High sunflower…

Ukraine: imports of rye from Belarus resumed

According to the official statistics figures, in September Ukraine imported 4.5 thousand tons of rye, including 90% of the grain of Belarusian origin. In March-July Ukraine purchased Belarusian rye at rather large-scale cargo lots (2.2-5.3 thousand tons per month), but in July-August the country bought small-scale shipments of rye from the EU (379 tons only).…

Ukraine: biggest drug producer to build plant in Azerbaijan

Ukraine’s biggest pharmaceutical company Indar plans to build a medicine plant in Azerbaijan, Ukrainian Ambassador to Azerbaijan Alexander Mishchenko said.

He made the remarks on October 20,during a tourism forum in Baku.

Mishchenko noted that the company was in negotiations in Azerbaijan and the share in the enterprise would be divided 50-50. (Trend/Business World Magazine)

Ukraine: Pivdenne Design Bureau developing new anti-aircraft complex

Ukraine’s Pivdenne (Yuzhnoye) Design Bureau is stepping up the international military and technical cooperation and together with a foreign partner is developing a new short-range anti-aircraft artillery complex in the interests of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. The new weapons are intended to replace Soviet anti-aircraft systems such as ZSU-23-4 Shilka self-propelled radar guided anti-aircraft…