Kyrgyzstan: electricity consumption up in November 2018

Electricity consumption is increasing in Kyrgyzstan, National Electric Network of Kyrgyzstan reported.

In November this figure reached 1,673 billion kilowatt-hours.

According to the central dispatching department of NENK, in November 2017 electricity consumption was 1,356 billion kilowatt-hours. ( World Magazine)

Kyrgyzstan: all airports considered dangerous

All takeoffs and departures from the airports of Kyrgyzstan are considered dangerous, Gulzada Ibraimova, the head of the Transport Safety Control Department of the State Environmental and Technical Safety Inspectorate, said at a round table discussion. According to her, not a single airport in Kyrgyzstan meets the standards of the Land Code of the Kyrgyz…

Kyrgyzstan: average salary up in August 2018

Average salary in Kyrgyzstan in August amounted to 15,793 soms, report of the National Statistical Committee says. Compared to last year, it increased by 6.78%. Salaries increased the most in three areas – construction (16.2%), other service activities (15.5%), information and communications (14.6%). Following the results of 9 months of 2018, prices in Kyrgyzstan reduced…

Kyrgyzstan: new trolleybuses delivered to Bishkek

New trolleybuses, purchased at the expense of EBRD’ funds within the public transport development project, arrived in Bishkek, the press service of the Bishkek City Administration reported. 37 new trolleybuses were delivered to the capital: 15 low-floor Belarusian vehicles and 22 medium-floor trolleybuses from Russia. The Vice Mayor of Bishkek Gennady Militsky said that 52…